We’re a group of 2nd year photography students at UCW (University Centre Weston) and we’re offering YOU the chance to showcase your photography, AND win prizes along the way (See the Prizes Page for more details…)

The Students

Emma Hogg
Since joining UCW in 2016 as a mature student with a background in Graphic Design and web development, Emma has undergone a catharsis. The result of the catharsis being a fine art approach to photography.
Libby Smith
I’m Libby, a student currently studying photography at UCW and residing in the town of Burnham-on-Sea. Photography is always something I’ve been incredibly passionate about, and although I am still working on my own photographic identity, I find my strengths reside within a fine art approach
Charlie Paris
Throughout her photographic work, Charlie, tackles the uprising pressures of mental health, masculinity and feminism. Charlie has used photo books and online social media platforms to showcase her work. Her current practice studies ethics and the role of a photographer.
Joseph Kirkman
Joseph’s work focuses on the genres of wildlife, landscape, urban, fine art and conceptual photography. Joseph has been involved in displaying his work in public exhibitions, creating his own photobooks and aiding, in the photographic process, in the creation of an academic journal..
Ellie Baker
I am in my second year at UCW, I am currently enjoying documentary photography and portrait photography. I have recently produced a photobook for a previous module and I thought it was successful and I enjoyed making it.
Vic Bussey
Vic is in her second year at UCW. Her interests are in alternative fashion photography.
Chloe Tyler
Chloe Tyler is an aspiring fashion photographer from North Somerset. She is currently studying a photography foundation degree at the University Centre Weston where she is making progress with developing as a photographer and creating work relating to the world of fashion and portraiture. Her current work is studying the idea of how the garment industry is affecting the planet with her project ‘Revival’.
Enola-Jane Herbert
Working mostly in digital photography, both in the studio and throughout Somerset’s surrounding landscapes. Exploring the depths of society and it’s influences through a mix of landscapes, documentary and portraiture.
Naomi Taylor
Naomi enjoys photographing portraiture and is always striving to develop as a photographer. Her current work is studying the fashion and identity of students.

The Tutors

Sam Brooks
With a varied creative career including fine art, street photography, documentary approaches and commercial work, Sam has exhibited in gallery settings and had work published in books, magazines and as covers for the music and book industries. Current photographic practice explores the area between fine art and documentary approaches.
Jamie Dormer-Durling
Jamie Dormer-Durling (born Taunton, 1981) is a photographer and educator based in Weston-super-Mare. His work explores interests in histories, culture and the cultivation of knowledge, often working between museum environments and field studies to create photographic stories.
He is a lecturer of photography at UCW teaching into the foundation degree in photography and the BA (hons) Lens-Based Media.

The Guest Photographers

Amak Mahmoodian
Amak Mahmoodian is a photographer born in Shiraz and lives in Bristol, UK. She graduated from the University of South Wales with a practice PHD in photography.
Amak’s work questions the identity, it expresses personal stories which pertains to the social issues.
Colin Pantall
I am a writer, photographer, curator and lecturer based in Bath, England.
My photography focusses on my domestic environments and the interaction between personal, environmental and historical narratives as experienced through the family.